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Friday, October 1, 2010

Secrets #2

Elizabeth is shocked! Just utterly shocked and dismayed! She also happens to be wearing a very unattractive salmon colored shirt. Jessica is using the Pink Phone of Evil to spread her destructive gossip and lies!

So, Jessica is majorly after Bruce Patman in this one. Guess she's not so heartbroken over Todd rejecting her in Double Love. Jess is also jealous over Elizabeth's budding friendship with Enid Rollins, who Jessica thinks is super lame and boring. I gotta agree with Jess on this.
Enid has always just bored me. Even her name is boring!

But she wasn't always boring! Enid's big secret is that she and an ex-boyfriend went joyriding stoned and hit a little boy. He didn't die, but her George got sent away, and he and Enid have been writing letters back and forth. The problem? Ronnie, Enid's jerky controlling boyfriend would DIE if he knew! Ronnie doesn't trust women because his dad was cheated on. Uh-oh, Mommy issues!

Enid confesses this to Liz during "Project C.C  Cookie". Yes, that's really what she called it when she invited Enid over to bake cookies. Alright Grandma.

Enid shows Liz some of George's letters, (which are platonic, by the way), and they start having a lame pillow fight or something. The letter gets knocked under the bed and forgotten.

So you know what happens now. Jessica finds the letter because she's nosy as hell, and copies it for her own personal use. There's a dance coming up, (surprised?), and Jess absolutely NEEDS to be queen of whatever at this dance. Enid's man Ronnie is on Prom court or student council, or something, and Jess assumes he's going to get everyone to vote for Enid (why is Enid even in the running?).

Jessica can't allow this to happen! She fixes things by dropping the copy of the letter in Ronnie's locker. Ronnie blows up and takes Enid to Miller's Point, (the teen make out destination), manhandles her a little, then screams at her about George's letters, how his dad got screwed over, all women lie, so on, then dumps her.

Enid angrily calls Elizabeth and flips out on her. Jessica's response to this call?
 "What did SHE want? Wait let me guess, she couldn't walk from the living room to the kitchen without asking your opinion on it first, right?"

Haha!! One of my favorite SVH lines of all time.
At this point, Jessica starts manipulating everyone like crazy. She get Enid even more pissed at Liz and Ronnie, and she gets Ronnie to take her to the dance. She explains this to Liz by saying that she is actually helping Enid. What? Elizabeth, dense as ever, seems only slightly suspicious of her evil twins' motives..until she finally realizes what's going on.

This quote says it all "Elizabeth was left to wonder why, if Jessica was doing her such a big favor, she was the one making all the sacrifices" Great summary of the twins' relationship in general.

Meanwhile, Enid's old letter writing friend George shows up-and he is ultra handsome AND into her! He literally sweeps her off her feet, and Ronnie is instantly forgotten. Enid and Liz make up at the dance, and Liz hatches yet another sinister plot of revenge on her twin (see Double Love ).
This time she tells everyone Jess is hot for class geek/clown Winston, not Bruce, so they all vote Win as king of the dance and Jess as queen. With Winston as her king, Jessica now must dance with him and listen to all of his terrible jokes! Pretty harsh, Liz.

The B story is about rumors involving hot french teacher Mrs. Dalton and sexy blonde football star Ken having a little after school fun. Mrs. D is dating Mr. Fowler, and his spoiled daughter Lila doesn't like that! So she starts the rumor about Ken and Mrs. D screwing around after school, and everyone totally believes her for the most part.  But don't worry, everything works out alright in the end and everyone's names are cleared.

Well except Lila's dad does break up with Mrs. D. So Lila still pretty much got her way. I really couldn't care much about this sub plot, but then again I didn't care much about the main plot either......

And one other thing, in this book it says Enid was originally brought home by Jessica (as if she would ever hang out with someone like Enid?), but ended up connecting better with Liz. In Double Love, it says Elizabeth and Enid met in a creative writing class last year. Mmm...Gotta love the sweet valley inconsistency!

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