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Enid Rollins

Enid is so boring, I may fall asleep writing this-so I'll make it quick. I felt that she should have her own character profile, since she's in virtually every book, and has a big role as Elizabeth's "yes girl" and follower.
Enid is quiet, studious, shy and loyal, and seems to feel more-then-just-platonic feelings towards BFF Liz sometimes. Like she admires Liz a little too much. You know? Just a few examples from various books:

"Enid had always thought Elizabeth was pretty-but it was a sparkle that went beyond her All-American good looks, the perfect white teeth, the spun-sunshine hair. Elizabeth was a person who cared."

"Enid looked at Elizaeth affectionately. Elizabeth was always wonderful to be with. She was a warm and friendly girl, the one person at school that everyone really liked"

I sometimes wonder if Enid is supposed to be in love with Liz, or if she's  just a plot device designed to keep reminding us how special and pretty and caring Elizabeth is.

Enid, (yuck I hate that name. Is there anyone else in the world named that?), has a checkered past. She used run with a bad crowd, and she and her boyfriend at the time, George Warren, got into a car accident while on drugs. (or "Hopped up on bennies", as he put it).
They hit a kid, and were separated when George went to juvie as a result. Enid cleaned up, (and so did George), and became the dull Elizabeth-loving robot we all know today.

George came back in Secrets, and he and Enid got together and stayed together, that is until this book ,when George leaves Enid for former fatty Robin Wilson. Enid later hooks up with Hugh from Big Mesa High. Before George Enid had a boyfriend named Ronnie. They lasted a whole book and a half, due to his mommy issues and insane jealousy.

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