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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dangerous Love #6

To me, Todd looks like a 35 year old European guy on this cover, not an all-American basketball star. Liz isn't at her most attractive here either.

If you couldn't tell already, Todd got his motorcycle! He even got a pink helmet especially for Elizabeth. But as I mentioned in the previous recap, there is a big rule against motorcycles in the Wakefield family due to the death of cousin Rexy in a motorcycle accident.

But instead of just telling Todd that like a normal person, Elizabeth has to make things way complicated by making up excuses not to get on Todd's bike and hiding the real truth. It's really annoying and it drove me nuts that she couldn't just tell him.

Finally, Liz tells Todd the truth, and being the perfect boyfriend he is, he's super understanding about it. He assures her that he would never choose a bike over her, and everything seems to be cool. Not for long!

Liz sees other girls (only her two close friends, actually) riding on the back of  Todd's bike. She knows she has no reason to be jealous (especially considering that Todd doesn't seem to have sexual urges at all) but she is anyway. It's the one thing they can't share! Boo hoo.

Jessica pops in every now and then to hint to Liz that Todd and his "death machine " motorcycle are a waste of time and to find a new boy toy. Naturally Jess has her  own boy toy , and this time it's random filler-character Danny Stauffer, who drives a red trans-am. Sexy.

I also have to mention that class clown Winston gets a chick in this one, there's a brief mention of him and random character Mandy Farmer dating. They met in some kind of save the whales club or something and discovered they both looove whales! Good for you Win. Hope he gets over Jessica- it's about damn time.

So Elizabeth is still uneasy about the whole motorcycle thing, and worried about Todd's safety because we all know anyone who gets on a bike is 90% likely to get in a major crash, at least according to this book.

Enid Liz's boring BFF, is having her 16th birthday party soon, and she pops up every now and then in the book to bitch about how her mom is going through all this trouble to make sure she has a really nice well-organized party. Wow, what an awful mother.

Enid's cousin Brian is coming into town for the event, and Jessica immediately starts begging Liz to make Enid introduce them, because Jessica must date absolutely every guy that comes through Sweet Valley. Enid is not having this, since Jess has screwed her over in the past (like pretty much everyone else Jessica has come into contact with). Liz persuades her even though she shouldn't, and Jessica gets her way.

The 16th birthday party finally happens, and Jess shows up with Brian on her arm, Danny a distant memory. Elizabeth comes alone since she can't ride on Todd's bike. Todd is supposed to show up, and never does. The party pretty much starts to wind down, and Jessica runs up to Miller's Point with Brian to rub up against him and makeout. She's supposed to come back for Liz, but she gets to caught up in dry humping to notice or care much. Gotta love the sisterly bond!

Elizabeth is still waiting at the party, and Todd finally shows up. He tells her that he's selling his motorcycle to high school drop out Crunch McAllister because he loves her and yada yada yada. Everythings's super romantic, and then Elizabeth suddenly gets a crazy urge to get on the bike. It's going to be sold tomorrow anyways, so why not? Todd relents, and they take a wild ride through Sweet Valley, until....

Crash!!! A drunk Crunch McAllister slams into Todd and Elizabeth. Todd comes out with just a few scratches, but Liz is in a coma! Jessica finds out and dramatically blames herself for not coming back to get her sister from the party. Alice and Ned are devastated and angrily blame Todd for letting Liz get on the bike. Mr. Collins, (the English teacher who's a little too close to his students), shows up, and has one of his inspirational keep-your-head-up chats with Todd.

Alice and Ned relax a little and stop blaming Todd, realizing that Liz really wanted to get on the motorcycle and he couldn't have stopped her. Because Liz is just always so head strong and stubborn and not a push -over whatsoever. Right...

So we conclude with Elizabeth in the coma and Jessica at her side praying that she'll wake up. Will she? I'm gonna take a wild guess and say yes, but we don't know for sure until the next book, Dear Sister.

No real B story in this one, just a few pages at the end of the book telling us a little more about Mr. Collins. Apparently his wife was a no-good cheating alcoholic that tried to kidnap their son at one point, and he still doesn't trust her. Yeah sounds like he shouldn't. She must have given up on getting her son back though, since we never hear about her again.

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