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Friday, October 1, 2010

All Night Long #5

Oh how I used to love this cover as a kid. Scott looked so manly and dangerous! Jessica looked like a flashy hooker! Unfortunately there wasn't nearly as much "action" in this book as the cover would have you believe.
Not to mention that they made Scott look 45. We get it, he's an older man.

Jessica tells Elizabeth and their parents,that Scott is 18, but Liz suspects Jessica conveniently shaved a few years off his age. (like 20?)
Since her parents don't approve of Mr. Mustache, Jessica tells them she's going on some kinda of trip with Cara's family. Liz has her panties in a twist over the whole thing. Even her drippy best friend Enid gets tired of Liz's constant worrying about her twin.
"Look, you're here to have fun-so have fun. Let Jessica worry about Jessica"
Thank you Enid!

Later on, Jessica is out with Scott and his college friends having a bonfire on the beach. They are so wild, that they drink beer, and even pass a joint around. OMG!
 Jessica, "knew she had gotten into the fast lane this time-maybe too fast"
The college kids all can see through Jessica's attempts to act mature, calling her "jailbait" and "all tease and no tickle"
So they pretty much have Jessica pegged.
Scott carries Jessica off into the woods,and we all know this probably isn't going to go well.
He almost-rapes her, and then blames her for being a tease. Nice.

Scott goes back to the cabin or beach house or whatever, leaving Jess to trudge through the woods alone, during which time she blames Liz for her predicament, which makes no sense.

She finds him half-passed out on the couch. He offers to share the couch with her if she puts out. Jessica declines and demands a phone. Of course, this is the 80's so there's no cell phones! And apparently there aren't any phones in the house either (?). So Jess ends up sleeping on the floor.

The next day, Elizabeth flips out when she realizes Jessica never came home last night. She remarks, "I should have 'welcome' tattooed across my forehead"
Very true. And she proves what a doormat she is by covering for Jessica, who calls (from what phone?) and cajoles Liz into it.
This means Liz has to be both twins so her mom doesn't get suspicious. That involves eating two breakfasts and two conversations with Mom Alice, who really doesn't seem to be that smart, since she has no idea any of this is going on. How about some mother's intuition Alice?

Liz gets to school and Jess is still nowhere to be found. This is bad, because the twins are trying to get a tour guide summer job, and the test for that is today! Elizabeth and Todd get in a fight because Liz actually is going to take the test for Jessica, and Todd thinks it's ridiculous. He's right.
Elizabeth even tells him "I'd rather go swimming with Jaws!"

Elizabeth totally screws up on Jessica's test because she's upset over Todd, and Jess shows up at school later, and gets mad at Liz for failing the test she was supposed to take. I can feel the sisterly love.

By the way, how could Liz take the test for her? Wouldn't someone see that she was in the same outfit as before when she took her own test? Unless she changed to take Jessica's test or something?
And wouldn't Jessica be marked absent, and have her absence reported to her parents? Well this is Sweet Valley, so why question these things.

Of course Jessica is already over it by the end of the school day. They let her re-take the test, and Elizabeth and Todd make up and there's a whole page and a half devoted to them making out. Ick. One bright spot is that Jess ends up getting a poison ivy rash from trekking around the woods in a bikini the other night. Haha!

The sub-plot is some incredibly boring crap about a surf competition, and new hot surfer Sonny who I don't think is ever brought up again in the series. Bill Chase is the regular surf champ around SVH, but there's rumors that he know he can't beat Sonny and won't even show up to the big competition, (Which like, the whole high school attends. Do they do everything as a group?)
It's okay though, because Bill does show up and he wins the surf competition! He even drinks a beer after without getting into a drunk driving accident or being chastised by Elizabeth. That's a true victory in this series.

We end with Todd talking about his plans to get a motorcycle and Elizabeth feeling nervous because the Wakefield family is strictly anti-motorcycle after cousin Rexy (what a name) was killed driving one. What will happen? We'll just have to read Dangerous Love to find out!

At the back of the book there's two random descriptions of Bill Chase and Lila Fowler. It says Lila is adopted, (not true, according to the Fowler family's Sweet Valley Saga) This supposed adoption is never mentioned again in any book.  It also goes on to talk about how she communicates with her mom sometimes, (also not accurate...), and how she wants to be a tennis star. What? Lila work? She clearly expresses her desire to live out the rest of her life spending Daddy's money in many books to come.

It describes Bill Chase a lot better, talking about how his old girlfriend died, and setting things up for the upcoming book Heartbreaker, which Bill is featured prominently in.

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