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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Double Love #1

Ahh the book that started it all. The cover is pretty well done in my opinion, even though Liz's hair looks like its from the 50's. Guess that makes sense, since Liz is pretty much a grandma. So the story starts off with Jessica bitching about how "horrendous" looking she is. Of course the book is quick to inform us that she is actually "the most adorable, most dazzling sixteen-year old girl imaginable".

We are then introduced to Liz and treated to another page describing how totally hot and identical the twins are, and how opposite their personalities are. This description is in nearly every SVH book to come, usually at the beginning.

                Basically:  Jessica- Loud, obnoxious , manipulative, flirty, daring.
                 Elizabeth- Thoughtful, to the point where she meddles in (and usually fixes) everyone's                                         problems.
                                 A total doormat, especially when it comes to her twin

         We learn that the twins are members of the ultra-exclusive sorority Pi Beta "the best sorority on campus" even though ,as far as I know, it's the only sorority on campus. SVH is probably the only high school with a sorority at all. Of course, Jess was the one who really wanted to join, Liz just got dragged into it because she's a total pushover.

So as the title suggests, this is mainly a love triangle story. Jessica has decided that she luvz Todd, the star basketball player. She aggressively pursues him, even though it's pretty damn obvious from the beginning that he likes her twin, Liz (who likes him back).

Jessica is pushy and selfish, so she makes sure to drop hints to Todd about what a player her sister is. Despite these attempts to steer Todd's attention away from Liz, he still doesn't ask her to the big frat dance like she was expecting him to.

Shocked at the rejection (this is JESSICA Wakefield after all. What man dares to resist her?), she walks home from school, because "whenever she was out walking, she never failed to attract a good deal of attention from passing cars" Yup.

On her way home, Resident sweet valley loser drop-out Rick Andover pulls over and asks "Pardon me Heaven, which way to Mars?" Jess is immediately charmed by this and hops in his Camaro, where they plan a date for later.

He shows up and takes her to the seediest, (and one of the only two), bars in town. Since he's a low-life, he almost-rapes Jess and gets into a bar fight. The cops are called, and Jess is escorted back to her parents house. The cop recognizes her as Liz, and Jess, having zero morals or loyalty to her sister, allows him to think she's Liz.

The town gossip, annoying red-head Caroline Pearce, spots the whole thing and runs to call everyone. Uh-oh!
Of course when Liz gets to school the next day, she is shunned and has no idea why. One of my favorite things about SVH is the way all of them are so anti drug/alcohol. It's pretty unrealistic. In my old high school, a girl that got arrested at a bar would probably score some popularity points.

But anyways, Liz eventually confronts Jessica and finds out the truth. Jess cries about how Rick "practically dragged her in there" Right. Liz naturally relents and agrees not to tell the world what a liar Jess is and takes the fall for the whole thing. Liz could use a backbone.

Jessica finally coerces Todd into going to the dance with her, (that girl won't take no for an answer), and he is clearly not into her the whole time. Jess is totally pissed, and decides the mature thing to do is to lie about Todd almost-raping her.

The truth is later revealed when the twins get briefly kidnapped by a drunk Rick Andover and Todd steps in to save the day. Jess slips up and lets out the fact that it was her, not Saint Liz, at Kelly's. Todd and Liz finally get together, and they get their sinster revenge on Jessica.

Well not really. All they do is have her thrown into a water tank with her clothes on. Even though Jess is absolutely outraged at this, something tells me that she didn't learn her lesson.

There's also a weak sub plot with the twins' father Ned, and a pretty co-worker. Jessica jumps to the conclusion that the co-worker is trying to lure her dad away, mostly because "she sounded seductive on the phone". The evidence is overwhelming! Long story short, he's not cheating, and they win the big case they're working on. The case is something about saving the SVH gladiators football field from two rich families trying to build on it. Whatever. Ned is of course the bestest, most moral lawyer ever!

The twins' boring older brother Steven is visiting from SVU and there's a little back story about him and his love for girlfriend Tricia Martin. This relationship is sooo not okay with Jess, because the Martins are the trashiest family around! (the dad drinks! The sister Betsy sleeps around! OMG).

They also set the story for the next book by throwing in a few pages describing what a judgmental jerk Enid's, (Liz's extremely dull BFF ), boyfriend Ronnie is. There are some hints about Enid having a secret past Ronnie can't know about. Oh, the suspense!

Some of my fav quotes: 

Describing Rick Andover "He smelled sexy, but in a strange way- like leather and gasoline" I know when I was 11 that probably sounded like the hottest thing ever. Give me a guy that smells like cologne.

An exchange between the rich, arrogant Bruce Patman and Liz. 

Liz: "Marianna West works for my father's law firm."
"Yeah where, on the couch maybe?" -Bruce.
Haha! I love Bruce.

Jessica's reasons for wanting Bruce:

"He's handsome! He is soooo rich. He drives that awesome Porsche!"
I'm glad they made sure not to make Jessica a slutty, shallow, blonde stereotype.

Next up is Secrets!

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