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Friday, October 1, 2010

Heartbreaker #8

Bill looks kind of- well a lot-stupid on this cover. He just has this dopey look on his face. But maybe that's because he's so in Luv with Jessica, who looks a little rough on this cover. Too many late nights at the Beach Disco and the Dairi Burger huh?

So we continue from the last book, Dear Sister, where Jessica and Bill went on a date and long story short, Jess got Bill totally hung up on her. But who could really resist a Wakefield twin? That's what I thought.

Jessica is using Bill's love for her against him, because she is seeking revenge on Bill for turning her down when she asked him out awhile ago. So she tortures him, flirting with other guys (particularly Tom McKay) and leading him on while he worships her.

There is, however, one problem with Jessica's diabolical plan. Deedee Gordon (a character we're just hearing about now) loves Bill for realz. She's actually not much of a threat to Jess though, since Bill is so stuck on her he barely notices DeeDee. Plus, DeeDee isn't a beautiful blonde Wakefield twin!

We learn a lot about Bill in this book. He has a tragic past like most of the people in Sweet Valley. His girlfriend died 2 years ago in a car accident, and Bill blamed himself , because they got in a fight at a party right before she left with a friend and got in the fatal accident. Now though, he's ready to move on. He decides to move on by pining for someone who's obviously just toying with him, because she kind of looks like his dead ex. Hmm.

Bill has been giving DeeDee surfing lessons, and Jessica steps in and ruins their plans every now and then, dragging Bill away from DeeDee. Dee just sits there and meekly does nothing. I guess I can't blame her...Jessica is pretty scary when it comes to getting a guy she wants.

Bill is so blind, that while hanging with Jess (who is ignoring him and playing around with Tom McKay) he actually gets mad at himself for thinking of DeeDee in a more-then-friends way
"How could he be thinking of DeeDee this way when Jessica was the one he cared about?"
Then he goes on to make excuses for Jessica's behavior...
"He understood about Tom, he really did. Why should Jessica allow herself to be tied down to one guy when she could have her pick of fifty million others?"
Sigh, Bill come on.

The play opens (I don't remember or care what play it was) and DeeDee's father, who apparently is a Hollywood agent, sees the play and tells her he saw some real talent there. Really? He won't tell her who he thinks is the potential superstar until the play is done running at the end of the week, because he doesn't want to make that person nervous. I don't totally get that reasoning, but hey.

Jessica naturally totally assumes it's her, and goes around telling everyone about how she's going to be a huge star. She's so distracted by this, she stops giving a fuck about the whole Bill thing, and even encourages him to go out with DeeDee.  DeeDee almost drowns when she and Bill are surfing, and Bill rescues her and instantly realizes he's really in love with her! Finally Bill! They share some hot tender moments on the beach and they're officially in love.

So the big day where everyone finds out who DeeDee's dad thinks is a star is, and surprise, it's Bill! Jessica is all butt-hurt and angry, but she figures that since Bill is a future star now, she's interested again. She tries coming between DeeDee and Bill , but Bill finally grows some balls and tells her he wants DeeDee.

The sub-plot is that Todd's ex girlfriend from like, middle school, Patsy, is back in town and sexier then ever. Todd and Patsy don't really do anything except act like old friends, but Elizabeth still acts like a drama queen and refuses to talk to Todd, assuming he's in love with Patsy now. She gets this assumption from pretty much nothing. I thought she was the stable twin? I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but Todd and Liz reunite and everything's cool like usual.

We end with resident poor kid Roger Barrett getting humiliated by Lila at a party. She tells him she, "wouldn't dance with him if he were the last boy on earth!"

Annnnd everyone at the party hears her. Damn, Lila. That's cold. This leads up to the next book, Racing Hearts, which is about poor Roger being hopelessly in love with super rich Lila. Kinda sounds similar to this book....


  1. Could you also post moral lessons??? Its important.. thanks <3

  2. "Damn, Lila. That's cold. This leads up to the next book, Racing Hearts, which is about poor Roger being hopelessly in love with super rich Lila. Kinda sounds similar to this book...."

    Yeah, Jessica & Lila are birds of a feather