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Bruce Patman

Ahh Bruce Patman. So many things to say about him. First off, he is in one of the richest families in Sweet Valley, and drives a black Porsche with the license plate "1bruce1". This should give you a little idea of how his personality is. He's stuck-up and selfish, and uses many of the SVH women, (this includes both twins), as his playtoys, which is okay because he's sooo hot.

He's also got a bit of a date rapist thing going on, as evidenced in books like Dear Sister, where he tries to take advantage of a brain-damaged and drunk Elizabeth. In that book, we learn that Bruce keeps alcohol in his car for the sole purpose of making his dates more "accommodating" to his needs, and that he has very "strong hands from playing tennis" and can easily hold a girl down. Mmm don't you wish he was real, and not just a book rapist? So charming.

Oh, and let's not forget Playing With Fire. Bruce dates Jessica and treats her like a pile of garbage. She catches him cheating on her and dumps pizza and soda on him, and for about 2 seconds he learns a lesson ( later on in the series, he gets Jello thrown all over him. This guy has bad luck with junk food.).

Bruce changes for a little while after he meets the beautiful, deaf Regina Morrow and falls in love.. He waits for her faithfully while she's in Switzerland getting some kind of special treatment to restore her hearing, and they are together for around 20 books. But we can't have Bruce being a nice guy for too long, and he starts cheating on Regina with blonde Amy Sutton in On the Edge. This leads to Regina nursing her broken heart with the "wrong crowd", and trying cocaine. The coke triggers some kind of heart failure and Regina dies.

After her death Bruce and Amy are still dating, because neither of them seems to have any kind of heart (or guilt about being partly to blame for Regina's death). Occasionally Regina's death is used as an excuse for Bruce's bad behavior in the books after, and as far as I know, Bruce never gets truly serious with another girl in the SVH series again.

He also had his own family saga, Patman's of Sweet Valley, where we learn that his "old-money" family actually started out  poor, with broke stable hand named Harry Patman.

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